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We have lots of videos on YouTube if you want to learn at home.

London's LGBT line dancing classes and club where everyone is welcome.

Halfway with James Blunt and Ward Thomas

So why Line dancing?

Often associated with Country and Western music - such is the might of their PR machine - line dancing has been around much longer than Achy Breaky Heart, which most people remember and we have never danced. Have a look through our A-Z Dance List to see the range of music that is played and the dances we have taught over the years.
Yes - we do use modern Country music but line dancing has moved on a lot to include many styles of dance such as Latin American - Cha Cha, Samba, Swing/Jive, Salsa and Mambo and from Ballroom - Waltz and even Tango.
Learning solo dancing first can help you move on to partnership/couple dancing in both the Country styles as well as Ballroom and Latin.

Dance is not just about exercising the body but remembering the routines gives your mind a bit of a work-out too

We keep alive the best from the 90s but we teach 'modern' dances too - many of our dance sheets now include the date they were choreographed, We use these instructions to make sure what you dance is correct - some may just follow a YouTube video without checking the intended steps.
If you are a dancer visiting London why not join us - we teach from Linedancer's charts to keep in touch with what is being danced elsewhere on the scene
Line dancing is international - learn with us and dance across the UK, on holiday in many places abroad - there are too many to list but see our links page for some LGBT clubs and Bill Bader's site for lots more
Check our Facebook page for any last minute changes

Steps and dances for the complete beginner in modern line dancing - we teach choreography from the 21st century as well as old favorites from the last. The step patterns used in dances we teach are a good introduction to other dance forms.
Cost for our beginners' stand alone class is £3 on the night (Day membership at least is now required) . We do not charge in advance so no ticket is required and we do not tie you into a course but regular attendance is encouraged.

Dances taught at the cactus club and more:

Our current programme can be found on our Dance pages
Or you can find some of the dances from 1993 to 2021 alphabetically A-Z list

See us dance with Dermot for Red Nose Day 2015

Line Dance classes at The Two Brewers, 114 Clapham High Street, London SW4 7UJ for members
7.00-8.00 pm Beginners stand alone class - assumed no previous knowledge for £3.
8.00-9.00pm Classes for those dancers with some experience including run-throughs.
9.00pm onwards is general dancing - practise those you know.
Entire evening including all classes and general dancing for £6
Borderlines and associated clubs very welcome
The Borderlines Clubs - Balham, Brockley, Bexley and Beckenham ran in South London from 1995 to 2001 and we still welcome old friends to the cactus club

Established in 1993

A History - the beginnings THE CACTUS CLUB - London’s first gay line and partner dance club begins at The Bell in King’s Cross with deejay Jo Purvis and instructor Peter Flockhart...

We can provide a taster in modern line dance for an adult audience - you do not need to be an LGBT group.
Previous clients have included The Club for Acts and Actors; Burberry, English National Opera and the Princes Trust

We want our customers to fully enjoy the evening so

a few simple rules

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The Cactus Club