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All Week Long (7 Nights to Rock)


Choreography by Peter Metelnick

Music : Seven Nights To Rick by BR5-49

1-4 Grapevine Right with scuff

Step Right foot to right side, Cross Left foot behind Right, Side Right, Scuff Left next to right and slightly turn body right/.

5-8 Cross Rock Left foot over Right, Rock back onto Right Cross Rock Left foot over Right, Rock back onto Right

9-10 Step Left foot to side, Touch Right foot to Left and clap

11-12 Step Right foot to side, touch Left foot to Right and clap

13-16 Grapevine Left with quarter turn (or one and a quarter)

Step Left foot to left side, Cross Right foot behind, Step Left to left turning º to the left,

Scuff Right next to Left.

17-20 Step forward on Right, Scuff Left next to Right(Clap), Step forward on Left, Scuff Right (Clap)

21-24 Step back Right, Left, Right, Hitching Left

25-28 Step Back on Left, Step back on Right, Step Forward on Left, Scuff Right

29-32 Turning Jazz box with quarter turn Right
Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left, Step Right to the side turning a quarter right, Close Left to Right

33-36 Monterey Turn
Touch Right foot to side, Pivot on Left turninghalf turn right and close Right to Left, Touch Left to side, Close Left to Right

37-40 Cross Right Toe across Left diagonally to left, Step Right heel down (snap)
Cross Left Toe to left diagonal , Step Left heel down (snap)

41-44 Cross Rock Right over Left, Rock back onto Left, Turn quarter right stepping onto Right, Hitch Left knee

45-48 Step Left foot forward, Step Right foot locking behind Left, Step Right foot forward, Flick Left leg behind right

Begin Again.