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Choreographer : Neil Hale

Music : Still Cruisin' by the Beach Boys or any medium cha cha



1-4 Cross rock /cha cha (3&4)

Cross Left over Right rocking onto Left, Rock back on Right, cha cha cha on spot. Left, Right, Left.

5-8 Cross rock/cha cha (7&8)

Cross Right over Left rocking onto Right, Rock back on Left, cha cha cha on spot Right,Left,Right.

9-12 Rock/shuffle (11&12)

Rock forward on the Left foot, Rock back on the Right, Shuffle back Left, Right,Left.

13-16 Rock/shuffle (15&16)

Rock back on Right foot, Rock forward on the Left, Shuffle forward Right, Left,Right.


17-20 Pivots (2)

Step forward on the Left, turn half right moving weight forward onto Right, Step forward on the Left, turn half right moving weight forward onto Right. (if you keep weight on Right throughout you will be on the correct foot)


21-24 Left Grapevine,quarter turn, start pivot

Step to the left on Left foot, Cross Right foot behind Left, Step Left foot to left with quarter turn to the left, Step forward on Right foot. (you are now at 'L')

25-28 End pivot, Right grapevine, quarter turn

Turn half to left, step forward on Right foot, Cross Left behind Right foot, (you are now facing front), Step Right foot to side turning quater to the right.(now at 'R')

29-32 Pivot half, step,together.

Step forward on Left, half turn to right weight on Right, Step forward on Left turning quarter right (now facing front), Step Right together with Left.