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Coaster Step

Cross in front




Jazz Box :

Paddle turn

Pivot Turn



(Normal timing is 1,2,3,4 - can have syncopation)
Any four step in any direction where the forth step can be of several variations. The first three steps are normally: Side, behind, side (this looks like a grapevine). These steps could also be forward lock forward etc. The forth step can be - scuff, hitch, cross in front, flick, kick

Where knee is raised - can be forth step of a grapevine top
Where the lower leg is raise either across the other in front or behind. Can be forth step of grapevine but also as a leg is lowered with forward and backward flicks - see slap leather top

Where the foot moves forward or back as the ball of the foot just touches the floor.

Cross in front (With or without weight change)
Where the leg crosses over the standing foot. Can be forth step of grapevine sometime incorrectly called a weave top
Where a foot steps either forward, back or across and the weight is transferred onto that foot, the the weight is transferred back to the other foot..The feet need not be far apart and do not need (either of them) to be off the floor at any point in the movement. This is a body weight change. top
Pivot turn:
Where the foot steps forward and a half turn is taken towards the other foot moving the body weight to that foot. For example: Step forward on the Right foot and turn left transferring the weight to the left by the end of the turn. top
Paddle turn:
Where the foot step forward and pushes the body round (often a quarter turn) moving the weight to the standing foot. However if several paddles are done the standing foot acts as an axle while the other acts as a paddle. Similar to pivot

Jazz box:
Normally 4 steps but variations exist. Example - Right foot crosses over Left, weight transfers to right, Left steps back, Right steps to right side, Left either closses to Right or step slightly in front. The final step is normally dictated by the next step or variation. Can also end with a cross in front top

Shuffle: (sometime cha cha cha)
Where three steps are taken in any direction and the timing is 1&2 or cha cha cha - Side Right, side Left closing, side Right. This can also be done turning. Shuffle would normally move, while a cha cha cha is often in place.top

Coaster Step:
Where one step is taken back ,next step closes back with weight, final step is then taken forward:
- For example: step back on the Right close the Left back step forward on the Right.righttop