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Walk the Line


Choreographed by Sandi Larkin

Music Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line by the Kentucky Headhunters

Life's a Dance by John Michael Montgomery


1-2 Kick Right foot twice

3&4 Cha cha on the spot RLR

5-8 Step Left over Right, Point Right, Cross Right over Left, Step Left to left.

9-12 Cross Right behind Left, Point Left, Cross Left in front of Right, Step to right side with Right foot making a quarter turn to left with weight ending on Right.

13-16 Shuffle back LRL, Rock back on Right, Forward on Left.

17-20 Shuffle forward RLR,then LRL

21-22 Rock forward Right, back on Left

23-26 Step back on Right foot making a half turn right, Step forward on Left continuing to turn half right, Step back Right continuing half turn right, Close Left to Right