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Here are our videos - some are lessons with dance along, some just dance along and some are promotional - enjoy

Welcome to the cactus club

Halfway with James Blunt and Ward Thomas - Acoustic

Halfway with James Blunt and Ward Thomas

If You're Gonna Break My Heart with Inhaler

The Moistest Beak with Dead Slow Hoot

Various dances as a backdrop to Dry Cleaning's Viking Hair

RED NOSE DAY with Dermot - Step Back by Bill Bader

Senorita La-La-La

My Boy Lollipop

Who Needs Mexico

Love Is Still The Same

Blinding Lights

We're From The Country NZ

Down To The Honkytonk

Cabo Moon

Cajun Moon

Green Snakes

Country As Can Be

Little Squirt with run through


Ballymore Boys

Jose Ceurvo with run through


Just For Grins

Black Coffee

Midnight Waltz

Georgia Winder with run through